Come and see Europe's

largest exhibition of Garden Secret 4you®

and Eco Secret® pools and cellars.

The largest exhibition in Europe!

Have you already seen our new exhibition of innovative Garden Secret 4you® and Eco Secret® cellars and garden pools?

Come and try out our products and we will reimburse you for your travel costs up to €400 if you decide to buy our products Garden Secret 4you® or the pool*.

*a swimming pool with a minimum value of 15000€

We are the leader. PoolsFACTORY GROUP is Europe’s largest manufacturer of polyester pools. We successfully maintain our leadership position especially through consistently superior quality, innovation and professionalism.

We live up to the commitments that come with it: providing top quality pools and top quality service. We create on the basis of our own designs and everything is created in 100% in Poland. We are proud of this. We believe in ourselves and in our products. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We listen carefully to all your suggestions and they are the strongest motivation for further development. Our brands are exclusivePools, Starpool, Pool4You and Economy Line.
The road ahead is never ending. We fully understand the ever increasing demands for relaxation and recreation. We develop new pool components and improve our technology for you. With persistence and determination, we improve our own design and technology to meet your wishes.
We don’t rely on others; we look for ways to improve and innovate ourselves. Our pools are functional and modern; consistently at the forefront of the latest technology in the field. It is through constant innovation that we push our products, our company and the whole sector forward. In many ways we are pioneers. We are trendsetters. Competing is a challenge we welcome.
We are a unique team. Visit us, get to know us and make yourself comfortable. You will feel the special atmosphere and see that we put our heart into our work. We stand by our products. We know them down to the smallest detail. Every pool passes through our hands. Each one is well thought out and reflects our extensive experience.
It is no coincidence that the pools we produce are excellent. Shape, colour, size, technology, ergonomics, number of steps… every element matters and is important. We consider each one to achieve the perfect pool, for your satisfaction, relaxation and recreation. We know how to achieve perfection. A professional team and over 25 years of experience are strong arguments.
We are extremely responsive. We understand that the decision to invest in a swimming pool is significant. It is often a decision for a lifetime. We respect this and appreciate our customers’ trust all the more. For this reason, we offer much more than a guarantee.
When you buy our pool, you also buy the above-standard care that we’ll be happy to give you. We will provide meticulous advice on the initial installation. We are also ready to advise you on proper installation and the preparation of suitable materials. We will advise you on the selection of appropriate pool chemicals and accessories. We will provide easy access to information and support. What our competitors consider the maximum to offer, for us it is only the beginning.