Exclusive Pools

For those with refined tastes who demand the best. Unusual design created by our team of designers, elegance and full respect for ergonomics. A spacious place of relaxation for the whole family in the highest quality. Is your family large? Do you like to relax with friends? ExclusivePools pools fit perfectly into your surroundings. They offer you a lot, but all you need in return is the right amount of space. If there’s nothing to restrict you, exclusivePools is perfect for you. Your investment will pay off as soon as you sink into it.

The technology used in exclusivePools is the answer to the highest expectations of quality and durability. Once in a lifetime. The secret of their unique quality is the use of technology previously appreciated mainly in the aviation industry, the military and other demanding industries.  Carbon fibre and aramid – as they are referred to are materials with unique properties. Complementing each other, they create a material that is five times lighter and five times stronger than steel. The Carbon/Aramid layer is applied to the entire surface of exclusivePools, resulting in the most durable polyester pools available on the market.

We are proud of our idea and offer a 100-year guarantee on the durability of the basin. We guarantee years of trouble free use.